This is a quick access best handgun safe. It is equipped with a push-button mix lock. The buttons are backlit making it simple to open the safe in the complete darkness. Unlike many other mix locks, this one does not require batteries. Prior to entering your combination, you are required to press a button to trigger the keypad but it is still much quicker to access than a safe with a conventional lock. It is on the little side, however it has plenty of spaces. The safe will house a handgun and additional magazines. The safe has an one-year limited guarantee. It might be a considerable safe for your automobile too. Have a look at some other options in our finest car gun safes reviews!


The safe does not require batteries like most safes of this kind.

Most safes locking mechanism can be seen inside the safe when you unlock. You can’t see the locking system on this one so a thief cannot pop the lock with a paperclip or other things.

Lots of safes have a reset button that easy to obtain to. A reset button that is simple to obtain to can be reset by anybody. The reset button on this safe is concealed behind the batteries, so the safe has to be opened in order for it to be reset.

It does not beep when you press the buttons when it is on quiet mode.


The safe is not fire-resistant or waterproof.

You need to press a button to trigger the keypad prior to you can enter your entry code.

You can’t find a method around this, however it doesn’t decrease the gain access to time much. You can still open the safe in a matter of seconds.

It is easy for you to not completely strike a secret that will make you get in the incorrect combination. Make sure you securely press each secret to preventing yourself from entering the wrong entry code. If you do not strike each essential firmly and go into the incorrect entry code, you will need to wait a couple of seconds for the safe to reset.

The safe reacts a little slower than other models do when getting in the entry code. Press the secrets a little slower than you would on some other safes to avoid getting in the incorrect code.