Marcus Butler: New Jersey

New Jersey Behavorial Health Director: Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler is an entrepreneur from New Jersey specializing in the healthcare sector. His main focus is on inpatient rehabilitation facilities and programs treating Medicare and Medicaid patients, but also focuses in on veterans and the homeless.

Many of the above groups of people struggle with mental illness throughout their lives. Many Medicare and Medicaid patients must go through intense detox programs for drug and/or alcohol addiction. This is naturally quite difficult and therapy can last for weeks or even months.

The transition from therapy isn’t always smooth and the detoxing isn’t always successful. The result is quite often worsening mental health.

Marcus Butler focuses on serving these types of patients and helping them transition into a better life free of addiction.

Marcus Butler Helps New Jersey Veterans

Many veterans go through horrible mental health conditions such as PTSD. It’s a well known fact that the VA is inadequate in many cases in providing healthcare to veterans, never mind mental healthcare!  NJ Marcus Butler makes it his mission to be there for these forgotten heroes. Their healthcare and mental healthcare should not end once they’ve left the battlefield.

The final group that struggles the most with mental health issues in America is the homeless. The tragic fact is that many of the homeless people in America would not continue to be homeless if they got the mental health treatment that they needed.

Marcus Butler of New Jersey makes it his mission to help the homeless in the most humane way possible. Not by enabling their behavior, but rather by giving them the rehab they need to become a part of society once again.

It’s quite evident that there’s a current mental health crisis going in America. Entrepreneurs like Marcus Butler from NJ are finally stepping up to the plate to address it.

Marcus Butler’s Professional Story

His inspirational story began when he founded RecoveryLinks, a marketing company targeting people seeking inpatient rehabilitation. This lead from one thing to another, and his next goal was to maintain ownership and management of the rehab facilities themselves. These facilities included Choices Private Recovery as well as Angelridge Recovery centers.

And finally, he launched the company Sanative Health, which has 5 IOP (intensive outpatient) facilities located throughout the US.

Marcus Butler of New Jersey has been leading the charge in bringing more attention to America’s mental health issues, as well as in creating solutions to these problems at the national level. He has been nominated for numerous behavioral health rewards in the state of New Jersey and to this day continues to serve those who have been forgotten.