New Marijuana Products Taking Over

Weed connoisseurs are always on the lookout for what’s the next best high. Dabs and CBD Oil took the world by storm a couple years ago and are just now becoming mainstream on a large level. Here in Washington when you see someone with a vapor pen you have to raise an eyebrow. They’re not just for “healthier” tobacco consumption anymore. When it comes to getting blazed smokers know there’s always a new way to get twisted around the corner. Well, now that seems to be true with the introduction of moon rocks.

So what are these little nuggets of joy? They’re a combination of three forms of weed: kief, buds, and oil. A THC ménage à trois. First, you take a nice big bud of your favorite strain. May we suggest Chemdog. It’s one of the only strains on Earth to tops 30% THC and if we’re going to space we might as well use the most potent everything right? Next, you take your bud and dip it in some oil. If you use Clear concentrates you’re looking between 85 and 96% THC. Finally; after your nug looks like that honey nut cheerios dropper; you roll that bud in kief. Using kief from Chemdog would complete the potency brew. We’re talking about a smoke that’s close to 150% THC. You’ll be moonwalking better than Michael Jackson.

So you’re higher than you ever imagined possible. That high cost you a pretty penny too. Ounces of the lunars(cough cough copyright) go for around 1,400 bucks and that isn’t even using the most potent ingredients we said above. Wow. Of course, you can make your own using the THreesome. Actually, in BCB’s “elevated” opinion the combination is one of the best things about it. Each smoker has their preferences. The supposed creator Kurupt loves Girl Scout Cookies so that’s probably what you’re getting if you spend on premade moon rocks. Our recipe is to give you a spacewalk to remember(or possibly NOT remember). But imagine mixing High THC and high CBD ingredients to make a pain relief/max pleasure mix. Imagine mixing strawberry, blueberry, and mango strains and calling your joint a “smoothie” Imagine mixing… well you tell us. What blends do you think would make a perfect superweed? Let us know in the comments. We might just try it while recording and write about it while blazed out of our minds. The sky really is the limit. Can you feel it?

Why Use Business Loans Brokers? Check out this Answers!

Business Loans Brokers :  Opening up a new store or restaurant can be rather exciting for people to do, but it can also be rather expensive for them to do as well.

That is when the individual that is planning on doing this will want to know about why they should be using the business loans brokers instead of the normal person they would be dealing with at the banks.

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Ways To Switch To A Minimalist Lifestyle During A Move

Many people dream of ditching their unnecessary possessions and enjoying the voluntary simplicity of a minimalist lifestyle, but find it difficult to commit to the big changes. The moving process is the perfect time for finally jumping into the lifestyle head first because trimming down your belongings makes the move easier and less expensive. Let a moving company help you change to a new way of life by using these four steps to change your approach to decorating your new home.

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Learning A Foreign Language Will Open A Window To The World

If you’ve ever had the urge to travel around the world, visiting exotic places, and ordering authentic local cuisine, then you’ve probably considered the fact that it might help if you were able to speak the language. Even if only to read the menu at your favorite French Bistro or Italian Restaurant, it is amazing how much more of the menu you will understand simply by learning a few key phrases in a foreign language.

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Why Do Many Parents Choose To Home School

The public education system has taken its lumps over the past several years. School violence, drugs, failing educational scores, overcrowding classrooms, over-emphasis on standardized test scores, unskilled teachers, lax laws protecting the rights of disruptive students, and other factors have decreased confidence many parents have in the public education system.

Looking for a solution, many parents enrolled their children in private schools and found more of the same. Desperate times sometimes need desperate measures to provide relief. Today, more than at any time in history, parents are looking toward the option of home schooling to ensure their children get a quality education and find an academic springboard to a bright future.

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How to Organize for Education Success

How many times has your child told you that night that they need a poster for a project that is due tomorrow and you have to run to the store at 7pm? What about the permission slip for a field trip that “forgot” to get signed the night before and now you find yourself rushing to the school that morning to sign it?

Don’t worry. You are not the only parent going through this! The biggest problem most students have is a lack of organizational skills. Here are some strategies that might help make this your student’s best year yet!

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Marcus Butler: New Jersey

New Jersey Behavorial Health Director: Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler is an entrepreneur from New Jersey specializing in the healthcare sector. His main focus is on inpatient rehabilitation facilities and programs treating Medicare and Medicaid patients, but also focuses in on veterans and the homeless.

Many of the above groups of people struggle with mental illness throughout their lives. Many Medicare and Medicaid patients must go through intense detox programs for drug and/or alcohol addiction. This is naturally quite difficult and therapy can last for weeks or even months.

The transition from therapy isn’t always smooth and the detoxing isn’t always successful. The result is quite often worsening mental health.

Marcus Butler focuses on serving these types of patients and helping them transition into a better life free of addiction.

Marcus Butler Helps New Jersey Veterans

Many veterans go through horrible mental health conditions such as PTSD. It’s a well known fact that the VA is inadequate in many cases in providing healthcare to veterans, never mind mental healthcare!  NJ Marcus Butler makes it his mission to be there for these forgotten heroes. Their healthcare and mental healthcare should not end once they’ve left the battlefield.

The final group that struggles the most with mental health issues in America is the homeless. The tragic fact is that many of the homeless people in America would not continue to be homeless if they got the mental health treatment that they needed.

Marcus Butler of New Jersey makes it his mission to help the homeless in the most humane way possible. Not by enabling their behavior, but rather by giving them the rehab they need to become a part of society once again.

It’s quite evident that there’s a current mental health crisis going in America. Entrepreneurs like Marcus Butler from NJ are finally stepping up to the plate to address it.

Marcus Butler’s Professional Story

His inspirational story began when he founded RecoveryLinks, a marketing company targeting people seeking inpatient rehabilitation. This lead from one thing to another, and his next goal was to maintain ownership and management of the rehab facilities themselves. These facilities included Choices Private Recovery as well as Angelridge Recovery centers.

And finally, he launched the company Sanative Health, which has 5 IOP (intensive outpatient) facilities located throughout the US.

Marcus Butler of New Jersey has been leading the charge in bringing more attention to America’s mental health issues, as well as in creating solutions to these problems at the national level. He has been nominated for numerous behavioral health rewards in the state of New Jersey and to this day continues to serve those who have been forgotten.