Ways To Switch To A Minimalist Lifestyle During A Move

Many people dream of ditching their unnecessary possessions and enjoying the voluntary simplicity of a minimalist lifestyle, but find it difficult to commit to the big changes. The moving process is the perfect time for finally jumping into the lifestyle head first because trimming down your belongings makes the move easier and less expensive. Let a moving company help you change to a new way of life by using these four steps to change your approach to decorating your new home.


Pare Down Your Furniture

Start with the biggest building blocks of each room — the furniture. For example, set up your living room so that there is one seat available for each family member, and stick with a single flat surface for holding necessary items like drinks and snacks. Shed the endless end tables, cluttering decorations, and extra love seats that are only used by guests. Put a few meaningful decorations, like family photos or your favorite artwork, on the walls instead of relying on extra shelves and console tables just to hold all of it.

Put the Majority Into Storage

Most people find minimalism hard to embrace because it involves making hard decisions about what to keep and what to sell or donate. Instead of getting rid of everything, have your movers take the majority of your belongings to a storage unit and only have the bare essentials delivered to the home. Slowly retrieve items as you actually need them, then get rid of anything that is still in storage after six months or so. You’ll soon discover that you can do more with a single frying pan or a versatile storage bench than you think.


Rely on Technology

Are you dreading the monumental task of unpacking hundreds of CDs, DVDs, books, and photo albums when you arrive at your new home? Instead of paying a moving team to spend hours doing this task for you, consider digitizing it all instead. Being able to access all your multimedia from a single laptop or tablet reduces the amount of time you spend searching for that specific album and simplifies cleaning.

Shrink Important Objects

You must have a filing cabinet and a

desk in your home office, but do you need big and bulky ones that take up more room than necessary? Take the time to sell your current furniture and have smaller, simplified versions delivered to the new home. This cuts down on the sheer weight of stuff your movers are carrying in and out of the truck. It also helps you free up space for a more minimalist atmosphere without having to give up on furnishings you really do need and use. Contact a local mover, for more moving help.


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